First, let’s cover some of the basics. Veem is a payment network that offers secure payments and international payment transfers. They completely revolutionized wire payment transfers for businesses, making them as simple as buying a cup of coffee.

Veem’s speedy platform streamlines the money wiring process, costing your business less.

Businesses are spending and accepting more cashless payments than ever before. If this sounds like your business, you’ll need a powerful system that offers flexibility and security. With so many payment networks available, it can be difficult to find the perfect one — especially if you’re a global business.

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What Technology Does Veem Use?
What’s the secret behind Veem’s success? Blockchain. The blockchain is a database that stores transaction data in “blocks.” These blocks are linked using cryptography. This makes the system almost impossible to hack or change, offering businesses serious security. Blockchain offers more benefits than security. The blockchain takes out the banking middle man, making wire transfers quicker and cheaper.

How Veem Can Benefit Businesses?
Veem offers a technology-first approach to send and receive funds via wire transfers. Before, wire transfers required hands-on work that would cost businesses a lot of money. Not only that, but it would take a significant amount of time to receive the funds.

If you find yourself making regular contractor payments and are sick of paying through the nose for fees, give Veem a try. It might not fully replace a PayPal, but there's no harm in using both and saving significant money on fees where you can.

Free and Cheap
Is Veem too good to be true? Is it really free? Okay, maybe it’s not totally free, as we will cover later in the article. But Veem only charges a small foreign exchange rate and has one fee that’s easily avoidable. So yes, Veem can be free. And even if it isn’t free, it’s at least cheap.

Do you want to avoid that $20 fee but are wary about foreign exchange conversion rates? Don’t be. Veem can convert currency rates at some of the fairest prices around.

You can send an international money transfer yourself, all without installing hardware yourself. You can use Veem on their website. Surprisingly, Veem doesn’t have an app yet. Hopefully, that will change.

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