Namecheap is widely known for its discounted domain names, but like many other registrars, it has also branched out into hosting. Are the hosting solutions on par with the best of the best the internet has to offer? I signed up to find out.

Namecheap has been in the business since 2000 and has over 10 million active domains registered. It’s website hosting plans cover most hosting types and include shared, managed WordPress, VPS (virtual private server) machines, dedicated servers, and even private email hosting. All services are available in English.

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Great Basic Features, but also Serious Limitations
amecheap provides powerhouse VPS and dedicated servers, but we’ll focus on the shared hosting side of things. Shared hosting is the simplest, cheapest form of hosting, and in my opinion, there’s no better place to start.
With Namecheap, shared hosting includes two subcategories: Regular shared hosting and managed WordPress hosting.
I signed up for WordPress hosting, which is provided through Namecheap’s proprietary platform – EasyWP. EasyWP is a WordPress-only cloud-based plan and can’t be used with any other CMS (content management system). Regular shared hosting, on the other hand, lets you install any CMS through the use of Softaculous.
In terms of storage space and bandwidth, the basic EasyWP plan, Starter, has 10 GB SSD storage and allows for 50,000 monthly visitors. The mid-level plan, Turbo, comes with 50 GB of SSD space and about 200,000 monthly visitors. The most advanced plan, Supersonic, has 100 GB of space and about 500,000 monthly visitors.
This “monthly visitors” metric is confusing, as bandwidth is usually measured in GBs. I tried to get an answer from support, but they kept claiming that there’s really a “visitor counter” working in the background. Either way, your site will have a lot of room to grow.
On to regular shared hosting. The basic Stellar plan has 20 GB of SSD space, the second plan has unlimited space, and the last one is capped at 50 GB. Bandwidth is unmetered for all three.
You must be thinking – how come the mid-tier plan comes with more space than the most advanced one? According to Namecheap, it has something to do with “premium support” and “extra caching.” I think it’s just cheap.
Anyway, let’s go deeper, into features that can make or break your site.

The EasyWP Platform Includes One-Click Backups and SFTP Access
We’ll go over the EasyWP interface in the Ease of Use section, and there’s a lot to say about it. For now, you need to realize that it’s a replacement for the cPanel hosting management panel. It’s not as complex and advanced in its offerings, but it does provide a few cool options.
The first one is backups. A one-click tool allows you to instantly back up your entire site, and you’ll be able to easily restore it in the future if needed. If you want to download the site files and/or database to your local machine, it can also be done.

Second is the database and SFTP access. By default, you won’t have any accounts for these options, but by using the EasyWP dashboard, you can easily create temporary or permanent logins.
The SFTP option is my personal favorite. While you may be used to just getting your FTP details off cPanel and logging onto your website’s folders and files, there’s a huge risk involved in doing things this way: FTP is neither secured or encrypted, and using it leaves you vulnerable to malicious hackers who can get access to your account.
SFTP, on the other hand, poses no such risk. It usually requires a longer and quite tedious process to be set up, which is why many choose to skip it. Namecheap’s EasyWP goes the extra mile, providing SFTP out the box. Kudos.

Affordable Prices and Free Extras

Namecheap is true to its name. Regular shared hosting is cheap, and so is the managed EasyWP platform. Even the more advanced plans, like VPS and dedicated servers, are available for relatively affordable prices.
While all shared and EasyWP plans are available on US servers, you can opt for shared UK hosting at an extra cost.
In terms of subscription periods, you’ll have a choice between monthly and yearly plans. This is really great, because unlike Hostinger, where you need to sign up for 3-4 years to get the best prices, Namecheap provides a combination of great prices and flexibility.
The checkout page for EasyWP includes no automatic upsells or other sketchy business practices, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally purchasing an unnecessary service. Just remember that there’s no SSL included – you’ll have to buy it separately.

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